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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Road Trippin!

You know, I really think you can tell if you and someone else are compatible if you take a long drive with them. Think about it. You're bound to run into any number of obstacles while road tripping. There could be traffic, car trouble, rest stop issues, where should we eat? issues, and even who should drive issues. You know what I'm saying? Sometimes people just don't deal well with issues, and it's hard to handle.

The nice thing is, Alex and I had an awesome drive to California. Ok, let's back up though. I mean, we woke up at the Grand America Hotel... which I think is pretty synonymous with "you're going to have a great day". So, I guess maybe we didn't really stand a chance. But the drive home was just as good. So who knows. So, we started off energized by the most luxurious breakfast of my life. Then we jumped in the car, and headed south toward good ole Anaheim California. Of course, we had to stop at the Scipio petting zoo, where I fell in love with some baby goats, and we looked through strange books, and Alex bought some sunglasses. After which, we traveled to a secret location and swam around in a natural hot spring. Ok, truth be told, I did nothing but sit on that rope and side-eye the moss most of the time. But it was still really cool. After which we saw this low tire pressure light come on, so we stopped at the world's most reliable gas station with tire help in Beaver, Utah. They filled up the tires, and we took pictures on their giant chair. Then it was off again! Off for some hamburgers at In-N-Out in St. George and straight into "Going Home Traffic" on the way from Las Vegas to Barstow, which incidentally lasted two hours. But did we let it get us down!? No! We played games and sang songs, and tried not to give into the desire to just pull over and sleep until morning.

After which, we cruised on into Anaheim, lugged our belongings into the Marriott, and checked into our lovely little suite. The trip was off to a great start...

p.s. just a little over a week left of school!

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