CaseyLand: this is all i can do right now

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

this is all i can do right now

So, this is basically the busiest week of my life. I'm moving out of my townhome and into my new home, I have my last final of my college career tonight,  and I'm getting last minute details together for the wedding! I still need to get my nails re-done, talk to the photographer, and be in the fourth grade every day this week... I mean, it's a lot, right? Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever be not busy again. I asked my mom and dad if the busy-ness ever ends, and they laughed at me. I'm not sure what that means? Well, either way, I guess I'll just keep on going, and hope it all continues to work out. That's all we can do sometimes. And maybe all this stuff will make Saturday come sooner. And maybe not.

Yesterday I went to Alex's work with him before he had to clock in, and all the other employees were telling me how much he complains about Saturday not coming sooner. He's a funny guy, that Alex. I was super impatient like two months ago, and he was really patient. Now I'm just riding the roller-coaster, and Alex can hardly stand it! The tables have turned. I guess it's good that he's super excited. I wouldn't want to deal with any sort of alternative.

The other night I had a dream that my new kitchen table was being placed in my new kitchen. Suddenly the kitchen was like 10 times bigger than it really is, and I was happy because the table fit great. In reality, the kitchen is still the same size, and the table still fit great, so, I don't know what to tell you all. Maybe it's a sign that worrying about things doesn't matter, or that houses will never change size, or that tables don't shrink, or that things always work out, or that I think way too much about my new house?

Well, now that I've talked your ear off about pointless things... I've gotta go study for that math test.

p.s. if this is your finals week, good luck! you'll do awesome.


  1. the busy-ness dies down a bit until you have a kid.

    So excited for Saty=rday!!!!!

    (I'm typing with one hand and when I looked up at the screen, that's just how Saturday came out... so... deal with it.)

  2. i can't wait for Saty=rday either!