CaseyLand: a three day bachelorette extravaganza

Friday, April 5, 2013

a three day bachelorette extravaganza

On Tuesday, my family came up for my little brothers birthday celebration. We had a grand ole time eating Italian food, and in the end, Abi and I convinced them to leave Olivia in Logan with us. It didn't take much convincing for some reason... And my parents even booked us a hotel room for the night! As you can imagine, much girlish fun ensued. We partied in the pool past closing time, snacked on pretzels, and talked about - what else? Boys. Finally we fell into our soft beds (I called my own, because that's how I roll) and fell into a deep beauty sleep.

The next day was full of crepes in the morning at the darling local crepery, and drives up the canyon to first dam, and to try to find the haunted nunnery? (Olivia's idea).

Then after a bit of house hunting with me and Alex, we headed home to spend the rest of the time with our mom. Pedicures and manicures definitely happened, followed by popcorn and a rousing good time watching Mamma Mia! Then all of Thursday was spent shopping until we dropped for my birthday (which is on Saturday!). I may have walked out with an amazing bedding set, and some anthropologie beauties.

Because you know what? I have the cutest old cottage house to put that kind of stuff in now! Did I mention one month until the big day?? Well now I did.

p.s. does anyone know where some blossoming trees are??

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