CaseyLand: we decided to just do our engagements in his apartment.

Friday, March 8, 2013

we decided to just do our engagements in his apartment.

i look up to him.
he ties my shoe.
this was obviously a mistake.

and this could be something that happens almost daily... that boy's got mooooves. but don't tell him i told you.

we love each other. always.
 Just kidding, real engagements are still on for tomorrow. but this is DEFINITELY a sneak peak of our poses. thanks to abi and cody for giving us ideas. Also a sneak peak of Alex's brown pants. See what I mean??

p.s. pray that the weather is beautiful tomorrow! 
p.p.s. i need a new blog design. now where in the world does a girl get one of those? suggestions welcomed.


  1. me and cody are starting a photography business if anyone's interested.

  2. I thought I've commented on this post before, telling you that that last picture is wonderful and that I think you should frame it and put it in your house. It captures something that I can't quite put into words. Is that weird that I just said that? And is it weird that I had to come back and make sure that I made that comment? Okay.