CaseyLand: how about some wedding wednesday? can i get an oh yeah?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

how about some wedding wednesday? can i get an oh yeah?

Alrighty folks. Here it is. My second and hopefully not last post. I know, I know, I'm the worst blogger ever and no one is even reading this blah blah blah. At least I'll have this for my future self. Hey, future self! Look at you planning your wedding! Who would have thought this day would come??


I guess what I'll chat with you all about today is the dress. I picked up my dress last Thursday and it was a dream. come. true. Back in January when I first got engaged, everyone I talked to told me that I had to get my dress RIGHT AWAY. Which is kind of stressful, and not exactly what I wanted to be hearing. But, I followed their advice and headed straight to the bridal stores. Actually, first I ended up at a bridal faire, which was not exactly my cup of tea. At which I was accosted with people signing me up for dress appointments, and I thought, ok, why not?

So I headed at once to this cute little shop called Bridal Image in Bountiful. The ladies there were so so nice, and made me feel really comfortable and taken care of. I found two dresses there that I liked, but one needed a lot of alterations, so I chose the other one, and had them write my name down for it. Then I headed out to David's Bridal, which incidentally was not my favorite, and we don't have to talk about it. Then I went to Gateway Bridal in Salt Lake City and actually found a dress that matched everything I had ever wanted in a dress....

But here was the problem. I was DREAMING about the dress that needed all the alterations. Literal dreams. I woke up thinking about it, and longing for it. So I took my mom aside and said, Mom. I think I need the other dress. So she took a deep breath and said, yeah, I think you're right. So we headed straight back to Bridal Image and demanded the other dress. Ok, not demanded. We were pretty polite. The problem was, they had no idea what I was talking about because they had written me down for the OTHER dress. Eventually they found it and I put it on and felt fireworks going off behind my head.

Until the seamstress came out and said, "OH NO. I vowed I would NEVER alter this dress. It's too hard." And I said, "uhhh......" But before you know it, she was hemming and hawing and measuring and taping and drawing and we had a grand idea before us! And to tell you the truth, two months later, it's the most gorgeous dress I've ever seen.

This was my inspiration going into dress shopping... I will not tell you if I ended up with anything like this or not. But, just for your viewing pleasure.

If you couldn't tell... I like lace.

p.s. this post goes out to my beautiful cousin Vanessa. Thanks for motivating me :) Love ya!


  1. Also, I would like to register that I'm of course DYING TO SEE YOUR ACTUAL DRESS, YOU WICKED TEASE.

  2. eh, i mean, it's just a wedding dress.

  3. and why vanessa? why not me?