CaseyLand: Our Story: Part 9 (this is where i observe alex with other girls.)

Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Story: Part 9 (this is where i observe alex with other girls.)

In early April, I found myself at Relay for Life on Utah State's campus with my friends Kjarinda and Taneesa. While walking around the track and talking with people, I noticed that Alex was there with his friend Riley! We chatted for a while, and I enjoyed talking to them, but then I also noticed my friend Matt, so I tried to include him in the conversation, but Alex and Riley continued on without us. This didn't phase me too much, and Matt and I walked around the track together for quite a while. I kept noticing Alex out of the corner of my eye. You could go as far as to say that I was watching him, but I mean, I didn't like him that way. Anyway, I noticed that he was talking to OTHER girls. Since when was that a thing? He didn't seem interested in them. It didn't matter anyway, he would so like me more than them. Not that I cared.

After allowing myself to hang out with Alex those couple times, I gradually started including him in my life a little more. Now, when he asked me to hang out, I didn't come up with dumb excuses. I even went to his apartment and watched the dumbest movie ever made (Troll 2), because I thought it would be fun to hang out with him. What had gotten into me! As soon as I got there I was treated to green jello by Riley. Alex and I chatted for a second, only to be interrupted by a gang of girls coming into the apartment. What? Again with the other girls? My surprise was short lived, because after they all eyed me up and down, every single one of them said that they had decided not to stay except one girl. We all meandered over to the sitting area, and I sat down on the corner of one couch, determined to let Alex decide if he would sit by me or not. He did NOT sit by me. In fact, he sat on the OTHER couch, and that other girl sat right by him! Whatever, I thought. It's not like I liked Alex like that anyway. It wasn't like they were holding hands or anything. So, I suffered through Troll 2 and headed out! The whole experience was fun, and I decided that hanging out with that group of kids might not be too bad after all.

One night, the week that school ended, there was a concert up at Utah State. Alex and I had been in contact quite regularly for a while, and I decided to see if he was going to the concert. My friend Luke also wanted to go, and he had recently gotten out of a relationship and needed something fun to do, so I invited him as well. So, the three of us went up to the concert. It was the worst concert I had ever been to. Alex and Luke are both really tall people, so they seemed to have more fun, but my average height was pushed around and shoved violently. So eventually I just wanted to leave. Plus, the music wasn't that great. The boys seemed to catch my attitude, and we all left the concert. Alex and I decided we wanted to watch the Justin Beiber movie (nothin' wrong with a little JB, and I needed to help Alex understand that before he was poisoned by haters), and Luke decided that he wanted to go home. So, we took Luke home and then went to Alex's house to watch the movie. We actually sat on the same couch this time. But NO TOUCHING. Heaven forbid. When he took me home, he got pulled over for not using his blinker. Let that be a lesson to you, my friends.

As school ended, I had to admit to myself that I was feeling a little something toward Alex. I mean, I wasn't sure if I was full on crushing, but I kind of liked him. It bugged me a little when other girls talked to him. I also ended the school year on a high note, with the feeling that something big was around the corner. I had just finished my hardest semester, and I was excited with the prospect of a new summer at EFY working with new people. I couldn't shake the feeling that good things were coming my way, that I was about to turn a corner in my life.

The first month of summer, I hadn't begun EFY, and I was free to hang out on summer nights. I spent a lot of time with Alex, Cody, Riley and their group of friends. We had campfires, and watched movies, and the whole time, Alex and I seemed to gravitate a little closer to each other. Even though usually at campfires some other girls would sit next to Alex and totally hog him. We made good eye contact through the flames. And you know what they say about eye contact... (what do they say? it's good, right?) Cody and Alex would talk about going on double dates together, and I felt a little annoyed that I wasn't being asked on these dates. Was I friend-zone material? I thought not. At the end of May, I went off to an EFY training, and while I was gone, Alex and Cody did a podcast together. Only, Alex brought this other girl on the podcast as well. Cody was interviewing them, and at one point, the girl started interrogating Alex about if he liked her or not. Alex was adamant that he thought of her only as a friend, which you could tell upset her. But it gave me some real hope... Also, Alex talked about me on the podcast, but Cody just happened to botch the editing over that entire conversation. I may never know what he said. Alex texted me about the whole podcast ordeal later that day, and my only thought was, why would he tell me about this unless he liked me? Obviously he liked me! (It made sense in my head.)

The next week was my first week of EFY, and so we were separated for a whole week. Alex texted me every day, which I appreciated, because I did have a crush on him. I decided that I did, in fact, really like him a lot. He had changed so much since before his mission, and I could see that they were all good changes. He was no longer that 18 year old boy, and I appreciated that more than anything.

The next week I had off from EFY for my friend Lauren's wedding. The night before the wedding, Alex called me and asked me on a date. Finally. He talked and talked for a long time, and then got up the nerve to ask me. I didn't even hesitate to give an affirmative answer. This felt like the change that had been around the corner. The new path I was going to take was solidified when I answered, "Yes."

p.s. yeah, forget the whole 10 parts thing.

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