CaseyLand: Our Story: Part 7 (the in-between years... but not too much of them, because that would be boring.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Story: Part 7 (the in-between years... but not too much of them, because that would be boring.)

So, Freshman year ended, and we headed home for the summer. Me, to Farmington to work for my uncle, and Alex to Kaysville to do who knows what because at the time I didn't care much what he was doing. (ha ha) Anyway, it was quite the eventful summer. Through many sources, I was kept updated on Alex's life whether I asked for the information or not. He had indeed started preparing for a mission, which I was glad about, and eventually I heard that he was called to serve in Argentina.

I stayed close friends with Cody as the summer went on, and when Cody left to Spain to serve his mission, I wrote him as often as I remembered, and we kept our relationship going for the two years he was absent. I didn't even think about writing Alex. In my mind, everything we had was over, and it wasn't coming back. (apparently I had gotten over the whole "winning him back" thing.)

I met another boy, and started dating him. Things seemed serious, but were actually not, and it dragged on for way too long. I continued my college experience, met plenty of good friends, dated more boys, the likes of which you can read about somewhere on this blog in the most cryptic of cryptic posts, I'm sure. And life went on.

Both of us, in completely different places in the world, were learning and growing and changing into the people we are today. We needed to have our own experiences, and I truly believe it wouldn't have been the same if we were in contact with each other.

After two years had passed, Cody returned from his mission, and we rekindled our friendship. I believe it happened after the Captain America premier at the movie theater in Farmington, actually. But that's another short, irrelevant story. Cody and I talked frequently, and would go on drives to talk all about life. He brought Alex up a couple times, and I was vaguely interested in the goings on in Argentina, but I had written him off. It had been two years, and I simply had no emotion toward the old story anyway.

On December 31, 2011, I was having lunch with my friend Lauren at Chili's. While we were talking about her life, and impending marriage, I received a text message from a number I didn't recognize. Upon opening it, I was shocked to see the words, "Hi, this is Alex Casey..." followed by a sincere apology for the things that happened years ago. So, of course, I invited him to my New Year's party.

p.s. wedding planning is hard!


  1. U Shuld have a guest authur come on And rite the nxt chaptur. I culd do it.

  2. So weird. My husband and I kinda dated before his mission, then he didn't really think I was interested so we stopped dating. He went on a mission, came home, DECEMBER 2011, called me up, and then we hung out New Years Eve and then basically fell in love!