CaseyLand: i also lived through 2012, and this is what i have to say about it

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

i also lived through 2012, and this is what i have to say about it

 January Theme: Learning to be lonely.
In January I lived in a house with 7 other girls, none of whom I felt very close to. Other friends were on missions, hanging out with boys, or just generally unavailable. This was sad for me, and I bonded with my ukulele to ease the pain. (ha ha.)
 Theme of February: Hard working school girl.
This semester was by far the most grueling of any at collage. Every night doing homework for hours took care of my loneliness pretty well. (Not to mention powering through all five seasons of Friday Night Lights... but that doesn't seem to work with this theme.)

Theme of March: Saying Aloha. (It means goodbye AND hello!)
I waved goodbye to one of my best friends for 18 months. That was a tough one. But then I had a spring break trip to Hawaii to cheer me up. I also missed my other best friends wedding... and I was the maid of honor. But I made sure my presence was felt anyway, and enjoyed Hawaii at the same time.

Theme of April: Change in the Air
With April came my 22nd birthday, and an unnerving feeling that life was going to change soon, but in a good way. I spent the month rocking my practicum in a second grade class. Try and failing to feel comfortable wearing lipstick. And learning how to curl my hair.

 Theme of May: Be social!
I finished my spring semester of college and headed home for the summer. I just remember hanging out with tons of people. Also, going to training for EFY and meeting really cool people. And discovering that sending cat pictures is a worthy form of entertainment.

 Theme of June: Be happy for other people.
I spent the beginning of June celebrating the marriage of my friend Lauren. It was beautiful, and I was privileged to be a part of it. I also went on the best first date of my life. You can read about it here.

 Theme of July: Girls just wanna have fun
I got really into EFY and became the queen of megaphones and microphones. I guess I really do love the sound of my own voice. And sadly, very sadly, I'm not afraid to admit that to you. I had a really romantic date, that included hand holding and the movie Brave. I also spent a week on the beach with family, and wanted to never return, except for the fact that in August...

 Theme of August: World Traveller
... In August I made the journey over the Atlantic ocean and fell absolutely positively head over heels in love with England. And you got that right, I am standing in front of the one and only Downton Abbey. 

 Theme of September: New beginnings.
Coming back to school was certainly an adjustment. I began an internship at an elementary school, and as usual felt the pressure of a new school year. But, I also got to factor in a new boyfriend, and lots of adventures. Including rock climbing and geocaching which I have to say, I am average at both.

Theme of October: Love is in the air
Not going to lie, I don't remember much of October except for always feeling over the moon happy. I mean, it's sickening really. Also a lot of TV shows.

 Theme of November: Thank goodness for Thanksgiving Break.
I mean, really. That break was much needed. I spent Thanksgiving at a cabin with my family, and spent the month getting rave reviews on my Student Teaching portfolio and other things. 

Theme of December: Well, I don't know. But it was good.
Parties, weddings, Christmas break, friends, food, family, general happiness. And the beginnings of some really big plans for next year! So you all better stay tuned!!

p.s. is it totally cliche of me to say that a new years resolution of mine is to go back to writing in my blog a lot more? I'll do my best you guys. 

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  1. What an awesome summary of your 2012! I loved it :)