CaseyLand: elementary school memories... just the really good ones.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

elementary school memories... just the really good ones.

me as a child with my cute uncle nathan

I know. You may have gotten your hopes up last week when I posted a grand total of THREE times, (yes, the last one counts) that I was going to continue getting better and better! I thought that might be what it meant as well! Apparently it only meant that I had a little more extra time last week! This week I've been studying my little guts out for a math test that is completely inconsequential to my future, and yet, the only requirement I need to finish for graduation. Good news, I passed!

In other news, I have been spending the same amount of time as usual with fourth graders, and I have loved every minute of it. (ok, maybe not every minute. I mean, heck, those kids can be ANNOYING. But I still love them.) The point is, being with them always makes me think about myself. Selfish, right? I mean, what was I like in fourth grade? So, I decided to give you all a quick run down of Madeline in elementary school.

I have very few memories of elementary school. I seem to have blocked it from my memory for some reason.

1. In the first grade, I told everyone that my middle name was Princess. During one art project, I put my initials as "MPN" on a popsicle stick. The teacher raised her eyebrows and asked what the "P" meant. I shamelessly told her it was for my middle name. I'm sure I convinced a majority.

2. Once, in second grade, after I moved to Utah, I was late coming in from recess. I was outside with my friend Loren, and we were walking around talking. Before we knew it, the fifth grade bell was ringing and WHAT THE? we were in second grade! So we ran in, where grumpy Mrs. Oakey told us that we had to stay in from the next recess.

3. At the end of the recess we stayed in for, Mrs. Oakey left the room and Loren confessed that she had to go to the bathroom really really bad, and should she just go before Mrs. Oakey came back? I said yes. Mrs. Oakey walked in the room right when Loren stood up.

4. In third grade, I bounced through friends pretty quickly, and finally ended up with no girl friends, but I fit in okay with the boys because I watched Pokemon. They accepted me for the most part, and I taught Michael how to be a good kid during recess, because I noticed that he got in trouble a lot.

5. In fourth grade I won the science fair. (I know I brag about this at every chance I get, but it's the only thing I've every won, okay?) We also had a Mountain Man Rendevous, and I didn't bring anything to trade, so my teachers made me sit out of the activity.

6. Fifth grade brought me my best friend Jill, who was smarter and funnier than me, and we made movies together. We also followed around a boy named Nathan, and watched him throw gloves covered in mud at people. We decided our elementary school needed a new mascot, because apparently the Colt wasn't doing anything for us. So, I lifted my coat above my head, and put a four-square ball inside the hood. Then I ran around the playground and we tried to convince everyone that the "Dot" should be our new mascot. Some kids knocked me over by hitting the ball on top of my head. We decided to lay that idea to rest.

7. One day, I was walking down the sidewalk and a girl ran up and pushed me down the hill.

8. In sixth grade I kicked the ball at recess while playing soccer, and a girl named Alex told me it was a good kick. I snottily replied that I knew it was. This secured my spot as the moody-unpopular-girl-with-glasses for the rest of the year.

p.s. i'm sure i have more, but this post is a little long now, so i'll stop.


  1. Ha ha!! Aww, I love this! I can totally picture you as a little elementary kid . . .