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Monday, November 5, 2012

don't make me laugh too hard. you never know what will happen.

hey alex, you're funny.

So, there is this thing that has been happening to me lately. It doesn't happen a lot, but it has happened enough that I am starting to wonder about myself. It's this thing where I LAUGH SO HARD I CRY. It comes on suddenly. One moment, I'm just chuckling to myself, and then this overwhelming feeling hits me, and tears are streaming down my face and I'm flat out SOBBING. Sometimes I fall on the ground. I mean, is that normal? And it's always the most random things that get me. They aren't even funny. Here are some samples:

Alex: Well.. I think I'm going to go upstairs.
Cody: No you aren't.
Alex: What?
Cody: Put some headphones on, you're editing today, Champ.
Madeline: (Starts crying.)

Cody: It just feels really, insincere... (moves hands awkwardly.)
Madeline: (Starts crying.)

(While watching the TV Show Community)
Madeline: (Sees Jack Black's character getting dragged across the room. Starts crying.)

(Still watching Community.)
Madeline: (Watches Chang try to shut everyone out of the Study Room in his Ice Skating costume. Starts crying.)

Alex: Alright, I'm ready, I put my smile on.
Madeline: (starts dancing and singing) Ohhhhh you're never fully dressed, without a SMILE! No! You're never...
Alex: (looks shocked. drops phone.)
Madeline: Oh no, it's happening. (starts crying.)(In fact, falls to the floor, rolls on the ground, sobbing.)

Ok... I really did think that last one was funny... I mean, when the phone flew out of his hand... it was priceless!

Anyway. That's my life lately. Peace.

p.s. someday, i will own my own house.

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  1. You may recall that our dear friend Rachel had this problem every so often. Maybe you should turn to her for advice.