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Thursday, October 11, 2012

just looking back

this is what i looked like four years ago... I'm on the right. if you didn't recognize me.

All I can say to excuse myself is that series of unfortunate and not so unfortunate events caused me to severely neglect my computer this week! First there was the time I left my computer at my parent's house and had to drive down to get it. Then there was the time I was in meetings until 8:00 p.m. and went straight over to the sweetest boy who made me dinner. And THEN there was the time the internet stopped working right when I needed it.

So, ok, now that I've stopped making excuses, I guess I can blog for you all.

This past weekend, I went home for a little something awesome called General Conference. There was something about this weekend that just had "HAPPINESS" squirted all over it. The little feeling of happiness was valid! I got happiness all over myself! And there was especially this part at the end of Friday, when I got home, went down to my room, and pulled out my journal from four years ago.

You know, life changes a lot. Sometimes it's expected, like when you turn a year older ever year. And sometimes it's unexpected, like when you learn how to ride a bike again at the age of 22. Sometimes you realize that you are 22, living in a cool town house, with a school you intern at just a block away, a car that doesn't break down, a really cute boy who is your neighbor, and a family that isn't too far away.

And then you remember that you used to be 18, living in Snow Hall, walking to the University or riding the bus, with the same car, a really cute boy who is your neighbor, and a family that isn't too far away. And it's like, what really changed here? You know? How much difference is there?

But after reading that journal, I can tell you there is a WORLD of difference. I am a world of difference. The other people mentioned are a world of difference. And that's actually pretty dang cool.

and... this is me now. i'm the only one in the picture. in case you weren't sure. 

p.s. today should have been friday.

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