CaseyLand: hey weekend, good to see ya

Friday, October 26, 2012

hey weekend, good to see ya

missing this girl today! (last halloween)

Good news, I found a way to make the whole Madeline thing work. Everyone shout congratulations! Anyway, I'm sorry I've been a bad blogger lately... well, half sorry. There's only so much one girl can do in a day. And to be honest, I've been neglecting my computer a lot lately. But that doesn't mean life isn't great! Life is absolutely wonderful, beautiful, and fantastic! All the good adjectives! Have a wonderful weekend you people!

I'll leave you with a cute fourth grade story.

Hannah: Miss Newhouse, why does everyone have those bookmarks?
Me: Umm... (I really didn't know.)
Damian: Oh, this lady was giving them out for red ribbon week!
Hannah: I didn't get one... (sad face)
Damian: You can have mine. (Hands it over.)
Hannah: But... it's yours!
Damian: No, just take it. You can have it! Really!
Hannah: (stunned.)
Me: Wasn't that nice of Damian?
Hannah: (walks away.)
Me: Damian, that was really nice of you.
Damian: Please, don't mention it.

p.s. cross your fingers i take pictures this weekend!