CaseyLand: blah blah randomness and costumes

Monday, October 29, 2012

blah blah randomness and costumes

Good Monday everyone! Remember when I asked you all to cross your fingers I took pictures this past weekend? GOOD NEWS! I took a grand total of like FIVE pictures! I will only be showing you THREE. But isn't this BETTER THAN IT HAS BEEN?


The really awesome news is that I found the perfect dress to be Madeline for my Halloween party! You guys! I mean, look at it! It all came together at the last second, and you better believe I carted that little doll around with me. I threw a party with one of my friends, and it ended up being a lot better than I originally pictured.. no thanks to me, ha ha. Apparently I have no problem coming up with the idea for a party, and letting someone else put it together. Thanks Riley! 

In other news, my little brother is finally finished with his jr. league football. Next year he'll play for the high school team, and it is quite bitter sweet! The championship game was really intense, and we ended up losing by a touchdown. Let me tell you... watching 14 year old boys all huddle together and cry is not the happiest thing ever, but it was a good game, and it's been awesome watching them all grow up together!

Well, that's all for now folks. Here's hoping this isn't the last thing I post all week...

p.s. follow me on instagram @mad21. Then you can see awesome things like my Madeline costume BEFORE everyone else. I know.


  1. that's two football pictures i have with you now.

  2. hihih such a super cute halloween dress!! Have fun tonight!