CaseyLand: my next post to my 100 followers about kissing and breaking up, cool, i know.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

my next post to my 100 followers about kissing and breaking up, cool, i know.

Sorry! I know, I know. I had a promise going, and then I disappeared for TWO DAYS. But I'm back! Back again. (With really good excuses of course, involving long days at school, podcasting, geocaching, rock climbing, finishing downton abbey, and lots of good cuddling... but who really cares about that when you can reminisce on my FASCINATING past, right? sigh.)

Here's the next story for you.

this is what i learned from this story.
About a month and a half after the last story, the semester was almost over, and I was sure ready to go home for Christmas break. I had decided I was giving up on dating (I know, cliche, right?) (I did it because people say that when you do, that's when things work out.) (...I know, cliche, right???) In the midst of giving up on dating, I was also taking this terrible night class every Wednesday. It was a two and a half hour long ESL class, and I didn't take in a word. All I knew was that during that class, I sat next to a cool kid who had a girlfriend, and a girl from Texas.

Although, one night, the boy walked me toward my house, and we were talking and joking around... normal boy/girl interaction, when all of a sudden I realized that he was standing there asking for my phone number! I was surprised, because, as mentioned above, I thought he had a girlfriend. But I gave my number to him anyway. Later, whilst facebook stalking, I understood that they had broken up a few weeks before the number exchange, so don't worry folks, nothin' shady going on over here.

Anyway, we hung out now and then, and one night he came over to my house. And we started talking about kissing. Which made it super obvious to me that he wanted to kiss me. I have to admit, with a small amount of shame, that I didn't really care. I didn't care either way, in fact. Whether he kissed me or not, I was indifferent! And what do you know, he did. Right there on that couch, he kissed me quick, and then gathered up his stuff and left the house! I was surprised, but not worried in the slightest. (Once one has given up on dating, one finds these things pretty boring, apparently.)

We went on like that for a while, and I have to say, he wasn't a good kisser. We didn't really kiss a lot, and if you want to hear more about the details of kissing him, you can listen to the newest podcast. But basically it was weird and boring. And I was bored, but it was nice to have someone to hang out with. Which brings me to one of my proudest moments.

We were sitting in the car one night, about two months later, having one of those Define The Relationship moments. "You're still dating other people, right?" he asked. "Yeah... of course!" I replied, secretly thinking, ummm... no.... I gave up on dating... "Good," he said, "Me too." He had never taken me on a real date, so I said, "Really? You're dating other people? Like, you're going on dates?" He seemed taken aback. "Well, no... but I mean, I've been hanging out with other girls..." I was not surprised, but I felt like it was important that I get everything out in the open so I said, "Have you been kissing other girls?" He avoided the question, and lurched into some monologue about kissing not being that important, and we weren't even dating, so did I think kissing meant commitment or something? And I said, "No, I don't expect kissing to mean commitment. But I do expect kissing to mean something." He nodded and said that made sense, and then asked where that put us.

And I replied, "Well, I like you. But I can't kiss you if you're going to be kissing other girls."

He looked shocked.

And I got out of the car, and we never kissed again. I wasn't bothered.

p.s. want to listen to the newest podcast all about KISSING? Click here.

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  1. I have told you this before, but I didn't like him. If you ever happen to meet another boy who is boring to kiss, you should take that as a sign and just not bother. That is my wonderful dating advice because I know so much about everything.

    p.s. I spent an hour and a half listening to your podcasts the other day. I can't decide what that says about my life, but they were entertaining so I think it's okay.