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Thursday, September 20, 2012

here's my train of thought for you

because there's nothing like a rock climbing butt shot.
Well, yes, that's a picture of me rock climbing. You have to help me people! Remind me to take more pictures of my life! Or is it better that I'm just sitting back enjoying it? I can never decide which is more important. Last semester I watched a lot of TV shows. That was so weird of me... but now am I hooked? Should I keep watching them? Which ones are worth continuing? Because I really don't have that much time to watch TV. I mean, I have a life. Oh no. My roommate is talking about going to the Mat Kearney/Train concert tonight. I'm so bummed. I wanted to go so bad... but I have like, no money. What's the deal with money anyway? Let's not get into that. Today I went on a field trip with fourth graders. They're quite the handful! Field trips were so much fun when you were a kid, but as a teacher they're kind of not as fun. I mean, they're fun. But not. The whole ride up this little boy was talking my ear off. And it was kind of cute, you know, that he wanted to talk to me, but at the same time SO exhausting. Anyone who knows me knows I don't approve of lengthy conversations before 10 in the morning. I finally told him to count the trees that were changing color in the canyon. Which worked for, I don't know, 3 minutes. After which he announced that there were a hundred. And the little boy sitting on the other side of me whispered in my ear that there were way more than a hundred. And there's just something about a little voice whispering in my ear that melts my heart a little bit... Speaking of things that melt my heart... actually, no. We won't go there today. Unfortunately for you... :)

p.s. thank goodness tomorrow is friday!!!!!

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