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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

well, i'm longing for this

Today, during fourth grade, I was sitting at a table, pouring laboriously over some math papers. If there is one thing I can't stand grading, it's math papers. Ok, not just your everyday math papers, those aren't so bad. But you know when you would go to class, and your teacher would sit you down and time you while you panicked and sweated over your times tables? Yeah, those math papers. I take forever to grade them, for one thing. (Wait, what is 4 x 6? 24? Or no, wait, 32? I'm sure it's 24 actually.)

Anyway, as I was sitting there grading, my cooperating teacher was reading the class a book. It was really a winner as far as picture books go. It's called Henry's Freedom Box, I think. But, so, back to sitting there grading. She was reading the book and a part came where she said something about leaves falling off of trees.

And BAM.

I was a goner. The need for fall hit me smack in the face. The colorful leaves, the crisp breezy air, the football games and soft scarves, boots, sweaters, and pumpkins! oh, pumpkins. And for heavens sake! Halloween! You know, simply the best season ever. There's a lot to be said for summer, for sure. The warmth, the vacations, the no homework aspect. But no, the magic comes when fall is here.

My goodness is this a cliche fall post? I need to start taking pictures again.
So, I did not finish grading the papers. Forgive me, but my mind was elsewhere.

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