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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

dover and a lot of thoughts on the world

Alright folks! This is almost the last post about England! The penultimate post. Promise. On this last day in England, we traveled all the way to the majestic White Cliffs of Dover. I was particularly excited about this, because Dover has a special connection to World War II, and that is fascinating to me. The Dover Castle is famous because underneath the castle are a vast combination of tunnels. These tunnels became used during the war to house soldiers and do, you know, secret stuff. But during one battle especially, across the channel in France, things weren't going very well for the Allies. So they shuffled them all across the channel, and helped them escape through the tunnels.

I've always wondered, you know, what exactly is it that makes World War II so compelling? It was so horrible, and yet, we can't stop reading about it, or learning about it, or watching it on movies. There is something about it that speaks to all of us. And as I looked across the channel at France, I realized what it is. World War II was truly a battle of good vs. evil. There is no way to look at the Axis side and say, yeah, they had good intentions. Because they didn't. They were just... bad. And we truly were trying to fight off evil and save the world. It's the same reason we love super hero movies, and sports. All of us are looking for heros. All of us are trying to fight off evil in our own lives. World War II was fought and won by hard working, brave individuals.

We wandered through the tunnels, and stood on the cliffs overlooking the ocean. And I'm just, grateful. So grateful that we have the world we have now. Even with all of it's faults and flaws. We've had heroes who have saved us from much worse. And that's something to be thankful for.

p.s. three more followers and we're there! thanks guys! i love seeing all of your blogs and finding new fun things to read!

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  1. UGH. Lately I've been so addicted to missing this place it isn't funny. Get me a therapist Mad. Or a plane ticket back. Preferably the second!