CaseyLand: do you know who i am?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

do you know who i am?

There are some funny things about my life.

Like the way I tell everyone the only pair of sunglasses I have are a $6 pair from a spring break trip. But then when I sit on my bed to read a book, I notice three other pairs quietly hanging on my shelf, waiting to be noticed. How did I forget them? How did I honestly not know they were there?

Or the way I casually stood in the office bathroom today and thought, I've never taken a picture in the bathroom mirror before. And took one. And now I posted it on the internet. Who am I?

Also the way that I feel like if I completely ignore something, it doesn't exist. Like spiders. And murderers in the back seat of my car. If I don't look, they aren't there.

These three things say almost everything about me. Do you know who I am now?

p.s. today i am a bridesmaid for my lovely friend Lauren, and i could not be more thrilled! love her.

p.p.s. stay tuned for a big announcement later today!

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  1. I didn't realize that if you ignore the murderers in the back seat of your car they don't exist! I'm constantly turning around to look at them! :)