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Thursday, June 28, 2012

blah blah blah tired blah blah blah efy

Man, and I started out so good this week with the whole blogging every day thing! But, whatever. Here's what happened on Wednesday....

this is what i looked like when i woke up. and pretty much what i looked like all day, i'm sure. Wednesday was a day of complete and utter exhaustion for me. dizzy spells and all. 

Regardless of how tired I was, I still taught a lesson on sharing the gospel! This is always a fun time. I get to teach the youth how to use different resources to share the gospel, and try to get them excited about it! I'm sure if I showed them my iron man sticker on my handbook they'd love me. No, but actually the lesson went really well.

And then I hosted Games Night! Each week the building counselors (me!) are assigned something to plan. And this week I planned games night. I get a little ridiculous with a microphone... but it's all good. I think maybe I was a DJ in another life. I love it a little too much. Obviously.

And this is just another creeper picture of my brother with his group of people, winning the cheer off. no big deal.
So that was Wednesday! On Thursday's the whole day is super spiritual. We start out the day teaching about the document called The Living Christ. That's my favorite lesson to teach, because it is something that I feel really strongly about. After which, we have a lesson by the Session Director. And after lunch we have the Variety Show! It's like a talent show, but with lots of really fun variety! I know what you're thinking right now. You're thinking, why didn't she take pictures? My bad. I just didn't feel like it. And after that, we are graced with a Musical Program and Fireside, talking all about Christ. It's really amazing, and testimony building. And speaking of testimonies! After the Fireside, we have a testimony meeting! So that was today. It was awesome. It's my favorite day of EFY because you can see how much the youth have changed in just a week.

Miracle Story Of The Day (as if this happened all the time?): I was just getting out of observing a devotional and heading to my room to put my heavy back pack away. While rummaging through my backpack pocket for my room key, I realized that it was not there! I was so upset. I emptied the entire pocket, searching for the key card. Finally, in defeat, I headed down to my nightly meeting, resigned to the fact that I  may have to buy a new key. I heytelled my friend Luke (hey tell! It's like walkie talkies for phones!) and told him my sorry story. I asked him to pray that I would find my key (because that's what we do at EFY, pray!) and then I said a quick prayer. When I got downstairs, I told my friend Marie all about what had happened, and then I reached inside the pocket to show her it wasn't there, and the key was RIGHT ON TOP OF EVERYTHING IN THE POCKET. Just then, my phone buzzed with a hey tell from Luke, telling me he had prayed.

I'm just sayin....

p.s. tomorrow I leave on vacation for Washington!
p.p.s. check out the dating blog for exciting news about my dating life!

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