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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the podcast: a history

Here I am, just chillin at work, listening to some spotify, which has graciously brought up some B.O.B. for me to rock out to. Thank you, Spotify. A super exciting thing happened, and that is that my podcast with my friend Cody got picked up on iTunes. So you can, you know, go search "datecast" on itunes, and it's the first one that pops up, which is fun. I just realized that maybe all of this seems kind of random to you peeps, and I could explain everything a little better? Get you a little more interested?

Oh, wow, the song changed to M.I.A. I'm liking these people with initials. Should I go by M.A.D.?

Anyway, Cody and I became friends a loooooonnng time ago. Like, jr. year of high school. Back in high school I was the kind of kid who just kept to herself and did her own thing. I wasn't super shy, I just didn't feel the need to be involved. Every now and then though, I would bump into a person that I just couldn't stand NOT being friends with. And Cody was one of those people. I somehow convinced him to accept me into the group. Cody claims that they let me in because it was obvious that I was too good for them, and they needed someone to do their homework. Well... it is what it is. The point is, we stayed friends. I wrote him letters about the most recent Transformers movies on his two-year mission and he wrote me letters back that were covered with Pokemon stickers.

To add to our nerdy friendship, the first time I saw him when he came back was at Captain America. (Which, is not nerdy at all, but I just accidentally made it seem like all we had in common were comic books and anime. (which I have never been involved in either thing))

And one time after that, we went on a drive to catch up. We talked for a long time. Like, really really long. Mostly about life and dating. In fact, we went on a few drives with this outcome. And around the same time, Cody was figuring out that there was such a thing as "podcasting" and he wanted in on it. So, around that time, he asked me if I would like to co-host a dating podcast with him. Which, I of course said yes. Because who doesn't love to talk about dating? And who doesn't love to hear a boy and a girl compare their views on dating?

So, we did it. And it's fun. And we argue, and we laugh a lot, probably too much... and I realized that I say "like" way more than I thought I did.

But I would say, just check it out! Why not?

On iTunes at: DW Datecast
On Twitter: @DWDatecast
On Facebook: DW Datecast Feat. Madeline

And of course, Spotify would now throw in Mat Kearney. Lovin it.

p.s. any input on this topic... cool or drool... would be appreciated! I love comments!

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