CaseyLand: on my mind

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

on my mind

this is what i look like when i think about stuff.

i'm just not competitive enough to play volleyball. sorry doesn't always fix everything. you're funny, you're so funny. it's a shame we would never work out. why do somethings have to seem so complicated? why do people come into your life at certain times? i miss the big wooden swing behind jamba juice. i miss summer from my childhood where there was nothing to do but read. all. day. long. i can't stop reading inspirational blogs. i need put all my clothes away. when will people learn how to solve their problems instead of constantly complaining about them? when will i have time to work out? scratch that. when will i make time to work out? why is it that sometimes we're attracted to people we shouldn't be with? i want a kitten. i want it to be the weekend. i want i want i want. i need i need i need. i need that internship. i need to get into that math class. i need to graduate from school and move on with my life. move to hawaii. why is it that saturday night live never ceases to amuse me? i said i was sorry, but it wasn't enough. i tell you i don't care anymore, but you still seem to. i pretend that you have no chance with me, but you probably do. i force myself to not even consider you for reasons we don't even talk about anymore. i'm getting my hair done on thursday. big changes, good changes, i love change. i bought a new skirt the other day, and some shoes. i'm planning a bridal shower for friday. cross your fingers that the weather is good. maybe. maybe i should wear my skirt.

p.s. what's on your summer playlist? i need new music.


  1. the morning benders
    of monsters and men

    that's on my current playlist.

  2. Your mind is racing. I love you, Madeline!