Monday, May 25, 2020

Lost in the Woods (literally!)

Our Sunday started out rough. It had been a long night for me and Alex, thanks to Mia still recovering from surgery (I'll write about that soon!), and then the kids were just really fussy that morning. We barely made it through home church, and we were all thrilled when it was nap time. In the afternoon we decided to take our grumpy selves on a walk. We went to some woods near Purdue, and it was beautiful! So green! Indiana really knows how to do the color green.

The thing about doing nature walks in Indiana is that it's just very different from walking in nature back where we're from in Utah. For example, it's very flat here. So these woods were beautiful, but the trail is literally just this crazy winding path through the trees. You start out going one way, but the next thing you know, you've swooped around in the complete opposite direction. I was trailing behind, taking pictures, paying absolutely no attention to where we were. At one point, Alex paused to ask me, Nathan and Mia where we thought the car was parked. We each pointed in different directions and Alex smugly told us we were wrong and pointed to the correct location. I was happy to know he was aware of where we were because to me, everything was really starting to look the same.

After a while, we had started getting tired, hungry, and thirsty. We decided to make our way back. But remember the trail and its windy ways? Before we knew it, we were legitimately lost in the woods. I took it upon myself to sing the song "Lost in the Woods" from Frozen II. The children seemed happy about that, but I'm not sure Alex was thrilled. (Remember how we started this walk all feeling pretty grumpy? This being lost wasn't really helping.) We walked around and around. We went in circles several times. I quoted the line from Lord of the Rings, "We're going in circles!" but my family ignored me completely.

I started wondering what would happen to us. How embarrassing it would be if we had to call someone to come find us. Would they be able to? It didn't seem likely, considering the windy pathway.

I took it upon myself to lift spirits, and the children did surprisingly well. Nathan complained about thirst for a bit, but I successfully distracted him. Mia just wanted to be carried. At one point, Alex told us to stay put so that he could run ahead and see if this next path would go in the right direction. Nathan and I tried to stay put, but Mia decided that she was in charge and she booked it down another path. We had no choice but to follow her, and it was really quite alarming that no matter how many times I asked her to stop and come back, she didn't seem to hear my pleas.

Nathan had previously been interested in tree roots, so I pointed out these roots to him and he said, "yeah, I know. I see them mom." Like some sort of teenager.

Eventually Alex found the right path and we made it out, sweaty, tired, hungry, and thirsty. For some reason I was a lot less grumpy than I had been. We could have died in there. (Well, that might be a bit dramatic.) But if there was ever anyone I'd want to be lost in the woods with, it would be Alex, Nathan and Amelia. I sure love them.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

We Saw Spring

This was my fifth birthday here in Indiana. The first three birthdays it was freezing cold. And it rained. One year, the power went out and we ate my birthday treat in the dark. But last year and this year? Gorgeous. 

So, on the afternoon of my birthday, we went out for a walk/hike. It's about as hikey as you can get here in good ole Lafayette, there are hills! Stairs! But it's still basically a walk. I'm from Utah, I have hiking standards.


I brought my nice camera and took some pictures, and amongst all of the grey trees, we saw SPRING.

It was heavenly.
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