Monday, October 14, 2019

Picking Apples!

This past week for "Play School" Nathan and I have been talking about apples. I don't think I've mentioned this at all on the blog, but since Nathan is a September birthday he technically has three years of pre-school before kindergarten. After a lot of pondering and praying I decided to keep Nathan home from pre-school this year. As a former teacher, I feel completely confident in teaching him what he needs to know, and also, we just love our freedom! Nathan is a really bright little kid, and I don't think this year home will harm him in any way. He also gets plenty of social time with other children, so that doesn't worry me either.

Anyway, we have been talking about apples. Near us, there is a really cute apple orchard, so I decided it would be really fun to go there on Saturday and pick apples! It's the end of apple season, so we just barely squeezed it in, and it ended up being really fun.

Fall is getting pretty chilly here in Indiana, and I am loving the crisp air! The novelty has not worn off, and I am loving putting on layers haha. Don't talk to me about it in January, but for now, it's fun!

Below is the face Mia makes whenever she sees I have the camera out. She gets open mouthed excited and then starts posing haha.

I love how the apple trees are low enough to the ground that the kids can pick their own apples!

I'm so bummed this next picture is blurry, because everyone is looking and smiling! Why!! I still love it.

Both kids loved running up and down the rows and finding perfect apples for their baskets.

And then of course, they can't resist eating them. Mia was wanting to take a bite of all of them, but somehow we succeeded in her only eating two.

  I just love Mia's face in this picture haha.

After finding all our apples and heading back to the barn, we picked out a couple pumpkins for our porch, some fresh apple cider, and got apple slushies! They were really really good. "Tastes like yummy!" as Mia kept saying :).

We are loving fall, and we're so happy to be back in Indiana! There are definitely moments we miss the beach, or being close to Abi, but for the most part, our own home with our own beds and being back with our friends and community is just the best.

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Friday, October 11, 2019

Beach Day in Navarre

Our last day in Navarre, we decided to let a lot of the packing wait and we spent the rest of the morning at the beach. It was a great decision. I'm missing those emerald waters a a bit right now...

Makes me wonder why I don't bring my nice camera with me everywhere I go.

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Thursday, October 10, 2019

A Visit to the Zoo and a Walk on the Pier

One day, we decided to drive over to the Gulf Breeze Zoo and check it out. It was so cute! The kids loved it. There was an area where you could feed goats and llamas and giraffes, and we quickly figured out that a lot of the people who pay for food to feed the animals drop the food on the ground, so we just followed behind people and picked up the stuff they dropped. The kids loved feeding the goats. Nathan especially bonded with one tiny one. He was head over heels! The day we had to leave Florida he was devastated because we couldn't go back to the zoo so he could say goodbye to his baby goat. 

Also, of course it was an above 90 degree day, but Mia wouldn't let me put her hair in a ponytail or pigtails, so you will notice her hair become drenched in sweat eventually, it's fine.

We loved the little train ride!

This zoo was so cute, and they had some really fun animals! The tiger and lions were out and about, and there were some pretty big black bears too! Lots of different monkeys and stuff. I sometimes wonder how all these fascinating animals end up in places like the Gulf Breeze Zoo. I suppose they were probably born in captivity and stuff, but it's kind of weird to think about.

The next day, we took a walk down the pier in Navarre to watch people fishing! The water is the most gorgeous color there, and we saw tons of jelly fish! There were lots of people fishing, but they didn't seem to be catching much. And when they did catch a fish that I thought was fairly impressive they were disappointed and threw it back. I know nothing about fishing.

You can see the jellyfish in this pic!

The kids didn't last long on the pier, honestly. We ended up going to McDonald's for lunch after and back to the house to cool down. Florida is HOT!

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