Friday, August 11, 2017

Our Family Pictures: 2017

I think it's going to become a tradition to get our family pictures in Oregon every summer, and I'm not mad about it one bit! I found Shannon Mae Photography one day while searching for Oregon coast photographers for my mom, and she may as well just be part of the family now. If you're headed to the coast and want pictures, hit her up!

I thought she couldn't beat last years, but I was so so wrong... I'm in love with all of them haha. I did narrow the selection down, but it was so hard to choose. Without further ado, here they are!

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

A Day at the Farm

Whenever we've driven up to Chicago, we've noticed that there seems to be a super cool farm off to the side of the road, so we finally looked it up and decided to check it out! Alex's parents were in town for a long weekend, and we thought it would be a fun activity, and it totally was! It was way better than I was expecting ha ha. I thought it might be dirty? Because it's a farm? It is not. It's really well taken care of, and of course where all the people were walking around there were nice sidewalks and buildings haha, but even the animals were super clean and really well taken care of!

It's called Fair Oaks Farms, and they do have crops, but they mostly seem to specialize in pigs and cows, and especially the breeding of the pigs and cows ha ha. We paid for the full tour so we got to see it all, and it was really cool! My mother-in-law kept saying, "I just can't believe there is a place you can go if you want to see a cow have a baby!" haha, because you could go to the "birthing barn" and literally see a cow have a baby. It happens 8-10 times a day there!! We actually missed it because we were on tours, but we did walk in right after one was born! It was so precious and tiny.

I was super impressed with their facilities and everything they do to make the animals comfortable. I was also extremely impressed with their grilled cheese sandwiches... we heard they were famous for them and they did NOT disappoint. I love a good grilled cheese, and this was probably the best one I've ever had, no joke. I of course did not take a picture of it, because I eat my food before it even occurs to me to take out a camera, but it was just really good.

Here are some pictures I did get:

These little tractors were seriously adorable. As you can see, Nathan wasn't a fan of Alex pushing him, but when he was on his own his legs were too short to reach the pedals, so he just had to sit and look really serious. It was adorable.

The baby cow!!

Totally enjoying the pig adventure!

This was the "gestation room" so... naturally.

The babies were so cute!!

In the pig adventure building they had a big ropes course, so Alex and his mom did it! If I wasn't pregnant I totally would have given it a shot.

After this we went on the Cow Adventure, and I was pretty tired by this point so I don't have any pictures. But it was pretty neat! Nathan was all tuckered out, and didn't see the cows. He didn't seem to mind.

It was very cool to see a working farm, and so much fun to spend the day with family at a new place! I love exploring the fun places around us here in Indiana, it makes living here a lot more exciting haha.
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Monday, August 7, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Happiness

For Mommy Style Monday today, Kiana had the idea to talk about our "happiness list". Not the things in our life that already make us happy, but things we could do that would make us happier! An interesting concept for sure. Just because there are things you could do to be happier, doesn't mean you AREN'T happy, it just means you could do other stuff too ha ha. 

(Sneak peek of our family pictures taken by Shannon Mae Photography in Oregon!)

Lately I've just been thinking about all the projects or things I want to do in my life. Some of them are small, some are big, some trivial, some important. For one reason or another, I just haven't got around to them. Does anyone else have that problem? I have all these ideas bouncing around my head, and I'm just not checking any of them off the list! 

So I had this idea the other day! (another idea bouncing around in my head... but maybe this post will actually get me to do it.) I'm going to write down all the things I want to do in one column. Things like, hanging pictures on the walls, painting the bedrooms, creating and sticking to a budget, landscaping the yard, etc. Then, in the next column I'm going to write down all my "perceived limitations". I'm a firm believer that if you want to do something, you can do it. The trick is just beating down the limits you have set for yourself in your mind. But it's one thing to believe that, and another to practice it, you know? So in that column I'm sure my "perceived limitations" will be things like money, time, think I need Alex's help, etc. And then in the last column I'm going to write my plan for getting rid of those limitations. Like, put aside money, learn how to do it myself, etc. 

Anyway, I know that's a really roundabout way of answering the prompt, but those are the things I think I could be doing to be happier! I want to stop telling myself I "can't right now" and start telling myself, "let's make this happen!" 

What would be on your happy list?

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Friday, August 4, 2017

Just tryin' to be a cute pregnant lady

Why is it SO HARD to feel cute when you're pregnant? Is it just me? I feel like other pregnant ladies are so so cute, and I'm like this awkward whale over here ha ha... I feel like NO clothes look good on me, and I'm not even to the huge part of pregnancy!

The other day we took some pictures of this cute maternity dress I got from PinkBlush. It's super soft and has pockets, which I am ALL about. Still not feeling like I'm pregnancy model status, but it helps to have something easy and cute to throw on! Dresses have seriously been my best friend this summer, and I don't see that changing unless I get some awesome maternity leggings. I'm getting to the point where even my normal leggings aren't comfortable all day long. (cry face.)

Anyway, I like this dress because it seems like a good transition to fall kind of dress, especially with the plaid sleeves. I'm not getting any smaller, so the fact that this will still look cute in a couple months is all the convincing I need! Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?

It started pouring rain during our photo shoot, so naturally some dancing was had. And doesn't this look like Maria? "THE HILLS ARE ALIVE!!!!"

Ok, bye.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A Week in Utah

So after we planned our trip to Oregon, Alex found out he was going to be speaking at a big engineering conference in St. Louis the next week, starting the day after we were scheduled to get back from Oregon! When I told my mom this, she brought up that I might not want to go back to Indiana right away just to be alone for a week while he was gone, and I realized she was totally right! How depressing to come off of a fun family vacation only to be alone for a whole week! (I mean, Nathan would be there, but... you know.)

So, we quickly booked me a flight back to Utah with the rest of my family from Oregon, and Alex would continue on to Indianapolis by himself. He was going to drive straight to St. Louis from the airport anyway, so it worked out fine!

As per usual, I didn't take a ton of pictures of my time in Utah, but it was a lot of fun! You'll just have to believe me without visual evidence. Probably the highlight was taking Nathan to the pool with my sister Abi and her husband Jake. We got Nathan the little puddle jumper floaties and he was so cute! At first as we walked him slowly into the deeper water he was pretty nervous, but we just held onto his hands and got him there safely, and then when he realized he was floating he was like "what the?!" but we kept him calm and just slowly started pushing him around the water until he was just doing it by himself. It was so cute once he was super confident, he didn't want us to help him AT ALL. And he loved jumping off the side of the pool to us! I love how confident he is in the water, because I'm not haha. I wanted to sign him up for mommy and me swim lessons this year, but the weeks never lined up (since I was constantly traveling) and most places you have to have a membership at, and that bugs me.

We also took Nathan to the Discovery Gateway museum in Salt Lake and he had the time of his life there! It's such a cute place to take your kids, I really think they've done a good job with it.

Random aside: Nathan is weirdly good at sharing. Like, he knows when to take turns, and if he has toys that he likes, he will willingly hand them to any kid who looks like they want them. It makes me so sad when kids try to snatch stuff out of his hands, because like 9 times out of 10 if they just asked he would hand it over! In one of the rooms they had these little tractor cars you could drive or push around, and Nathan had two that he really loved, so he was riding one and having my sister Abi push the other haha. This other kid came up and tried to just grab it from him, so he was shocked (because he doesn't think that's normal behavior ha ha) so anyway, I just intervened and asked him if the other kid could have a turn and Nathan was like, "yeah!" and immediately gave it over. He's always been this way, it's so sweet. Like, if he's playing with something or eating something or whatever that he loves, he always wants everyone else to have a piece or a turn and it just melts my heart. How did I get so lucky?!?!

Anyway, here are some pics from the Museum:

Sometimes Nathan still looks like a tiny little baby to me, but in these pictures he seriously looks like he is four years old. Ahhhh!!!

We had a great time with family, but Nathan and I both missed Alex a lot. It was Alex's birthday while we were in Utah and he was in Missouri, so we went to his family's house for dinner and cake and then we Facetimed him and it was so cute how excited Nathan was to see his dad!

Last thing: One night Abi, Jake, and I went to Jersey Mike's to pick up sandwiches for dinner. Nathan was super tired and hungry because we had been swimming, so he was being kind of crazy. He hit Abi so she put him down on the ground, and he walked over to a wall and basically put himself in time out haha! He randomly does this when he starts losing control... anyone else have a toddler who punishes themselves??

He seriously stood like that for like five minutes.

And that's basically my trip to Utah!! We had so much fun, and I hope one day we can live close to our families again, because it's just the best! I am not one of those people who needs a lot of space from family ha ha.
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Monday, July 31, 2017

Seaside, Oregon: 2017

I think vacation posts usually make the most sense if you break them up into days/locations, but I'm so far behind on blogging (this trip happened a month ago!) that I'm just tossing it all here and calling it good! 

I brought my nice camera, and didn't pull it out often enough. That always happens to me! Can someone please give me tips on having your camera with you throughout the vacation while also living in the moment? I get way too caught up in just being with people, I don't remember to take pictures. Which is a good thing in a lot of ways, but I'd love to have a few more pictures to look back on! So anyway, if  someone has achieved great balance with this, please comment and let me know how you do it.

This first batch of pictures is from Cannon Beach, OR. Cannon Beach is probably one of my favorite spots in the world. It's just such a fun little town and the beach itself is beyond gorgeous! We wandered around the main street, in and out of their cute shops, and then we went down to the beach and the non-pregnant kids made a soccer pitch and played a game. Nathan tried to join in for some of it, but he's also very good at recognizing when it's time to get out of the way ha ha. 

You know you're in the pacific northwest when it's a beautiful day at the beach but you still need your coat on.

This next round of pictures is from Oswald State Park, hands down one of the most beautiful little hikes and beaches ever. I can never get over the view you get when you come out of the trees and can see the water! Breath taking!

Both feeling unimpressed by me taking their picture I guess.

I mean, seriously, can you even handle that view??

Olivia wanted a "bathing beauties" picture of us sisters, so I took a couple test shots of them looking great, and then I jumped in and handed the camera to Alex, and this next shot is legit the best shot he got. So... instagram husband fail!! But it's ok, because he's usually very good.

Building another soccer pitch!

My sister Abi is basically Nathan's favorite person. Like, if she's in the room, the only reason he'll even glance at me is if he's hungry or tired. But it's nice to get a break I guess... 

These next pictures are from Astoria, OR (a.k.a. where the Goonies was filmed). Astoria is also a very cute town with some fun stores. (The Purple Cow is a must if you're into games or you have kids who love awesome toys!) We mostly go there because there is this food boat (like a food truck, but a boat) called The Bow Picker that sells awesome fish and chips. Like, I don't even like seafood, and I love it. The line is always ridiculously long, and they only take cash, but it's totally worth it. 

Alex told me to take one of those candid-walking-while-looking-back-pictures so I did, and it ended up looking like a commercial for Sprite. This was a huge hit on my Instagram, so I tagged Sprite in it, and they have yet to hand me a sponsorship.
On our last night in Seaside, (where I apparently took no pictures even though we spent a majority of our time there... Eye roll emoji), everyone got together and built a huge sandcastle and then went body surfing for the last time. Except for me, because body surfing while pregnant feels like a no in many many ways. I observed the fun, and felt happy and warm in my jacket. (Alex had some work to do for a conference he was speaking at the next week, so also did not participate.)

All in all, it was a super fun vacation. I just love spending time with my family so much! There was lots of time laughing, eating good food, and not sleeping (thanks Nathan). I can't wait to all be together again!
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