Monday, March 11, 2019

Catching Up

Hello, hello, hello!!

Long time no talk.

The past couple months have been really great in a lot of ways and hard in others (Winter!! Should!! End!! Now!!) and I just didn't take any time to write anything down. I've been taking less pictures lately because I've been taking more videos which has been really fun, but I would like to try to balance that type of documentation.

We've had a busy winter since returning from Utah. Nathan and Amelia were signed up for gym classes, Nathan also had soccer, and my friend Whitney and I are trading kids once a week so we can get work done. I think it's made time go faster, but we're all dying for some warmer weather. Mia cries at me several times a day to let her go play outside, she doesn't understand that I'm not interested in standing in the freezing cold. I do give in sometimes, but still... not my favorite.

Anyway, I think I'll just do a little photo dump here and fill you in on the basics! I have more stuff I want to write about, so I hope to make time for that in the next week or so. Here's what we've been up to the past month and a half!

Both kids have been sick off an on all winter, and it's become really annoying. This picture is from Mia's 15 month appointment though (she's perfect!) when I was too tired to care that they were playing with the sink... and they were giggling, which is my weakness.

We took Nathan ice skating for the first time and he was so brave! The first few laps Alex held on to him the whole time, and when it was my turn to go out with him, he tried it all by himself and he did so good! He threw a major tantrum when it was time to go because he was exhausted and having way too much fun haha.

These kids. Their relationship just grows stronger every day! I love listening to them laugh together.

 I decided to "Mari Kondo" this closet in Nathan's room. The first picture is everything that was in it, and the second picture is what it looked like after! I was so proud. I kept opening the closet to look at it again haha. Organizing is so fun!

I think this day was 50 degrees? So obviously we had to go outside and draw with sidewalk chalk. Mia asks to go outside all day every day, so she was extra happy.

For playgroup one Friday we went on a fire station tour! Getting a good picture of the kids turned out to be really tricky, but here they are. Good enough.

For Valentine's Day, Alex and I went on a date to see a Pacer's game down in Indianapolis! It was so fun to do something out of the ordinary and spend time together. We need to go on way more dates!

Valentine's was a blast this year! I got the kids a few little heart shaped chocolates and a mini Thomas train and surprised them with it at breakfast where we had heart shaped pancakes. It was another beautiful 50 degree day so we played outside a little bit, and then we went over to our friend's house for a fondue dinner! Alex surprised me and Amelia with flowers, and I think Nathan was a little jealous, so next year we'll have to remember to get him flowers too!

 Alex and Nathan matched at church one Sunday, so it needed to be documented. Mia wanted a picture too, and I was a little offended no one asked for a picture with me, but I guess I'm well on my way to being a "missing Disney mom".

We played with umbrellas inside because the kids wanted to and I do whatever they say. 

If I hold Nathan, Mia without fail comes over and screams and cries and tries to push him off my lap. He eggs her on. I get pummeled. It's a good time.

This scene happens quite a bit at our house. They are looking at a cat across the street. It's always a big event when the cats come around!

After yet another doctor's appointment (Mia had a weird rash, it was nothing), I took Mia on a little date to get ice cream. She insisted on holding the spoon. 

And that's how our winter has been going! I will try to write more regularly from now on, because I think it's more fun to do lots of small posts instead of one long post, but this way I feel less "behind" and I can start from where we are now! Thanks for reading!

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Friday, March 8, 2019


If you ask me, I'll always tell you from 15-18 months is my absolute favorite age. There is just something about it that causes me to fall head over heels in love all over again with my sweet babies! I honestly can't stop staring at Mia and kissing her and hugging her and watching every single adorable amazing thing she does, and I don't feel weird about it one bit!! I was the exact same way with Nathan when he was this age.

One of my favorite things Amelia does right now is pick out clothes to wear. She usually goes for Nathan's clothes because they are at her level (I did that so Nathan can pick out his own clothes, to encourage his independence, but Mia is happier about it than he is haha) but she'll take anything she can find! She loves getting dressed. She will bring me items of clothing all day long and ask to wear them over what she is already wearing, you could call her the queen of layering.

I just love watching her little sassy personality and quirky sense of humor come out. She is so funny, and she knows she's being funny which makes it even funnier. Ahh Mia. She is really just the best.

Without futher ado, here are some of Mia's looks that you can gain inspiration from in your own life:

I really love the way she is using her Christmas jammies as a cardigan in this look, and the rainbow headband really makes a big statement. One thing's for sure, Amelia Casey is not afraid to turn heads.

The great thing about sunglasses is that no one cares if they are way too big for your face.

In this case, Mia is wearing two or three pairs of her brother's underwear over her favorite floral pants. If that's not a feminist statement, I don't know what is. #girlpower

Amelia wasn't quite sure how to style her mini Fawn Design bag, but she is on the right track.

Girl knows how to do lounge wear.

For days when she is feeling extra fierce, Mia adorns her tiger tail. It's totally a neutral that goes with every outfit!

 One of my favorite #miagetsdressed moments - She is wearing every short sleeved T-shirt Nathan owns, as well as a couple long sleeved ones, and Nathan's gym pants. The linebacker look is in!

Sometimes your hands get cold, but that doesn't mean you can't still have style! Amelia chose some teddy bear socks to warm her chubby little fingers.

I ordered these pajamas in Nathan's next size up and a matching pair for Mia in her next size up. She was a fan right away, and I had to distract her to hide them.

Socks are one of Mia's favorite accessories to layer. You really can't beat this look - two socks on one foot (over footie pajamas) and three socks on the other. And one of her brother's pull ups for good measure.

I'm not sure I'm anywhere near ready for the sports bra stage, Mia. Time to slow down a little.
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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Snow Day!

The past couple weekends it has been snowing! Alex and  Nathan went outside to try to build a snowman, but found that the snow wasn't just right. Nathan declared that he would be shoveling the walkways, and instructed Alex to play in the snow.

Alex discovered that it was really good snow for a snow cave and a snow slide!

He was proud of his work. It was pretty impressive, I must say!

The next day we decided to invite some friends over to enjoy the fun with us! Kids have a lot longer stamina for cold than adults do haha. It was fun to watch them play though!

Brynlee kept eating the snow and Nathan refused haha. She was like, "come on Nathan! Eat some snow!" And he was like, "No. I am not eating snow. Snow is yucky." I don't know if this is something Alex and I told him or if it's just because he is such a picky eater haha.. maybe both.

Mia asked to go in a little earlier than the other kids, but then she regretted it.

Playing in the snow was fun... but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't counting down the days (months :( ) until warmer weather.

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