Monday, February 19, 2018

Amelia at 3 Months

Three months (almost 4 now!) with Amelia have been a dream! At 3 months she weighed about 11.5 pounds and was 23 inches long. 

Baby Mia is the happiest little thing, if you give her a smile she'll smile right back. She loves everyone and everything and it's the cutest. She contracts with excitement when we make eye contact, and I can't even stand how cute it is. She loves babbling, and will talk your ear off if you let her. She's started getting distracted while nursing. If there is anything going on, she'd rather be looking at it than eating. Especially if she could be making eye contact with me. Then she just wants to smile and babble. I feel bad but I pretty much have to ignore her when she's eating just so she'll get fed haha.

She is totally content to be set down wherever, which is a new thing for me considering Nathan refused to be set down for longer than 2 minutes. It's a huge blessing considering Nathan still requires that kind of attention ;). 

On Super Bowl Sunday Mia rolled over three times from her tummy to her back! She did it so gracefully, with complete head control. It was very impressive because it was probably the third time I had ever given her official "tummy time". She hasn't done it since, so we are confused, but it was pretty cool when it happened! The problem now is that I know she can do it, so I can't just set her on the couch and walk away for a quick minute. Now I have to strap her into stuff because you never know when she will do it again! She's very strong and determined. Since then, whenever we do tummy time she tries so so hard to roll over, and she never complains even when she gets really tired! I have to roll her over because I can tell she's exhausted but she isn't asking for help. She has almost rolled all the way from her back to her tummy this past week, and that's really fun to watch! 

She has the clearest most beautiful skin, and everyone comments on how pretty her eyes are. I'm inclined to agree :). She is absolutely perfect and we are so happy she is ours! Nathan has even started interacting with her more, and he seems to like her pretty well haha. He has accepted that she isn't leaving ;). 

Both babies have woken up for the day now (9:30am) so it's breakfast time! That's a quick update on baby Mia. I'm hoping to get back to being more consistent with blogging, but I'm pretty far behind so it's a little overwhelming haha....

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mommy Style Monday: Valentines

Hi! Once again, I realize it is not Monday. Yesterday was a day spent putting babies to sleep. Literally all I remember from yesterday (after I exercised, woo! go me!) is putting Amelia down to sleep over and over and over again, with one time of getting Nathan down for a nap mixed in there as well. Suddenly it was 10pm and I realized I should have got this blog post out, and considered doing it then, but I decided it was time to put myself to sleep instead. Priorities.

For Mommy Style Monday this time, we're talking about Valentines and how you choose to celebrate it as a family! I'm excited about this holiday this year. In the previous years I haven't felt much drive to make it a big deal, especially on the family level, because Nathan wouldn't care that much. But he's really been getting into holidays (his favorite is Halloween so far, he still likes to pretend to trick-or-treat!) so I'm determined to at least do one thing special for him on Valentines! I say one thing because, you never know, I may spend the whole day putting babies to sleep or something...

Here are some of my *tentative* plans for Valentines with my family:

1. I'm really feeling heart shaped pancakes for breakfast.
2. Making Valentines for grandparents/aunts and uncles and sending them in the mail. (if you are a grandparent or aunt or uncle reading this, first off, hi! second off, please pretend you didn't read this.)
3. Find the Charlie Brown Valentines movie. (We've been watching Charlie Brown every holiday since Halloween, and Nathan really likes them haha. They're way funnier now from an adult perspective.)
4. Go around the table at dinner - which possibly could be a heart shaped pizza - and say why we love each other. (reason for the season!!!)
5. I have some stuff up my sleeve for Alex. Alex and I had to have a Valentines DTR, and originally we said not to do anything, but the problem was that I actually wanted to do something, so I made my feelings clear (communication is key!!) and was upfront that I will indeed, be doing something for him.

^^ Here are some pictures of Nathan practicing his Valentines. Should he start an Etsy shop??^^

I just love holidays! I don't think of Valentines as like the one time a year we profess our love for each other, but I think it's fun to have a day that's actually set aside for that? Like of course I feel loved by Alex every day of the year, but it's fun to do something a little special every now and then, and Valentines is a good excuse in my opinion.

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Friday, January 19, 2018

Life with Amelia

So, since I haven't been prioritizing blogging lately, I'm ridiculously behind on sharing bits and pieces  of life with Amelia in our home! Luckily, I have Promptly Journals, and I have been keeping up to date on those, so I don't feel too bad. But my grandma loves my blog, so I'll update here as well ;).  (Hi Grandma!)

Amelia at 3 weeks
The adjustment to two kids was slightly overwhelming in the beginning. The logistics of everything really made me nervous. It took a lot of planning to figure out how/when I could get two kids out of the house! Luckily for the first few week of her life we had a lot of help. My mom and sister Olivia flew out the day Amelia was born, and they stayed for 10 days! Nathan was in heaven. It was hard for him to adjust to having less than 100% of the attention, so it was good to have so many people around to take care of him. I tried to make sure in the moments I wasn't holding/feeding Amelia that I was spending special time with Nathan.

She had some silent reflux which meant that wake-up calls at night consisted of me feeding and burping her for about an hour each time she woke up. I felt like I was just sleep walking most days! Luckily she grew out of that around 6 weeks or so.

Alex's mom Jeanne came to help a week after my mom and Olivia left, and we were so happy to have her! She is just wonderful with kids, and Nathan was obsessed. She spent pretty much all day every day on the floor with him keeping him entertained which was exactly what I needed!

Amelia turned one month old over Thanksgiving which is when my sister Abi and her husband Jake came to visit! AbiJake are Nathan's favorite people (that's what he calls them haha) so again, he was simply thrilled with that turn of events. Amelia was still waking up with reflux during this time, so I was still sleep deprived. Besides that though, she is an amazingly easy baby. I thought Nathan was a pretty easy kid to take care of, but Amelia seriously makes him seem high maintenance (which I think he kind of is ;) ). She only gets fussy when she's hungry or tired, and both of those things are easy to remedy. She fell head over heels for her uncle Jake, and they have an especially cute bond. He would put her down for naps for me by singing Hamilton to her! The first month with baby Mia flew by, and it started feeling like she had been a part of our lives forever.

My sister Abi asked me if it was true that when you had a baby you forgot what life was like before that baby came around. I said no. I remember what it was like to be just me and Alex, and it was so fun and wonderful! And then I remember when it was just me and Alex and Nathan, and that was absolutely wonderful as well! And now we have Amelia and I would never want to give her back. I remember the old times, but that doesn't make the new times any less great. Life just keeps getting better!

Baby Mia turned two months the day after Christmas. She was a champ on the flights to and from Utah. The first time I took Nathan on an airplane he was the same age and he slept the entire time! Amelia slept half of it and was awake half of it, but she didn't fuss at all. And the craziest thing happened - I got to read a book ON THE AIRPLANE! Haha that hasn't happened since Nathan was tiny. I'm usually entertaining a toddler, so it seriously felt amazing to just sit back and relax.

In Utah all of us got sick, so I was really worried she would as well, but she was ok! She did have a pretty stuffy nose, but no other symptoms, and the Nose Frida took care of her troubles easily. My family and Alex's family absolutely adore her. She was spoiled for sure, and I started to get worried she wouldn't be ok with being set down for naps anymore, but we're back in Indiana now and she's doing amazing.

She's started smiling all the time. She gets so excited when you look at her and smile at her, her arms and legs seize up and she smiles so big you can't see her eyes haha. She's developing the sweetest personality. If I make eye contact with her while she's nursing, she gets so distracted and just starts smiling and cooing at me. Her little voice is the cutest thing I have ever heard, I just want her to talk all day long! She's definitely a little mama's girl, and I'm ok with that. I honestly didn't think she was that concerned with me because she's so laid back until a few weeks ago when I left her, perfectly content, with Alex while I got ready for bed. As soon as I left the room she started fussing, and when I came back in the room, she was totally fine! It was a self esteem boost hahaha.

We had to take her to Indianapolis for a test on her kidney. They wanted to see if the cystic kidney has any function, and also if there was any reflux. They had to strap her down to a table and give her a catheter and an IV, and it was the worst thing I've ever experienced not being able to comfort her! I really don't think she was even that uncomfortable with the tests, but she didn't like being strapped down, and not being able to pick her up and hug her kind of killed me inside. It was good to get answers though, and it turns out the affected kidney has 39% function, but she has the worst level of reflux, so it's just imperative that she doesn't get a UTI, and she'll be on a daily antibiotic for the foreseeable future to help prevent infections.

We love our beautiful Baby Mia and can't imagine life without her! Nathan has settled down into big brother status and rarely gives us any trouble anymore. I have figured out how to get out of the house with two kids, and it's not too bad at all! We're getting back into normal life after all the visitors and holidays, and normal life feels great. :)

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Mommy Style Monday: Resolutions

Oh hi. Yes, I realize I'm posting this several weeks late. Yes, I realize it is not even a Monday. One of my resolutions is to be more organized, so hopefully this won't happen again! (please forgive me!) I still wanted to write this post because I feel like it's good for myself to write these kinds of things down. I have several resolutions - and I like the word resolution because it stems from the word resolve, which feels strong to me. I am resolved to do these things!

1. Use my planner. I always have a running to do list in my head, and with two kids, it's taking up way too much space in my brain! I'm going to get in the habit of using a planner daily to track my to-dos.
2. Healthy Meals and Exercise. I'm using this program. I'll let you know how I like it! So far so good.
3. Put my phone down. I have a super bad habit of feeling naked without my phone next to me. Ugh, so lame.
4. Read one book a month. (or more!) I'm already on track with this one!
5. Date my husband weekly.

Kiana came across this post on Instagram and it really inspired both of us! First of all, I cannot imagine having the time to learn a new skill once a month - I wish!! But it was a fun idea to think of what talents and skills I would love to develop. So here are my answers to that question:

1. Teaching. For those of you who don't know, I used to be a fourth grade teacher. Once we moved to Indiana, I left the profession to be a full time mom and I honestly have never looked back! It's my mission to teach my own children now, and I'd really like to dive headfirst into it. Nathan is a super bright child, and I'm AMAZED at how quickly he picks up on things. His vocabulary blows my mind, and he knows all his colors and shapes, and an incredible amount of animal names and sounds. He can recognize a handful of letters and numbers, and can count to 6 if he tries pretty hard. So that's the thing, we have barely taken any specific time to work on these skills, he's just picked them up by listening and playing and that is awesome! I'd just love to make some more intentional teaching time with him, and really make learning those basic things fun!

2. Interior Design. Before I switched my major to Education, it was Interior Design. I've always had a love for making spaces beautiful, but after I switched majors, I definitely let that talent fall by the wayside. Now that I have my own home I've been slowly trying to pick it up again and really hone in on my own personal style. I'm getting there! My goal is to make my home beautiful this year.

3. Singing. I can't believe I'm even writing this one down. I have loved to sing my whole life, but I've been plagued with insecurities, not knowing if I'm good enough, etc. I am terrified to make this happen, but maybe writing it down will make me go for it? I don't know if I'm ready! I'd secretly (not so secret anymore) love to get singing lessons and really develop my "definitely can sing in tune" voice into a talent.

4. Krav Maga. Alex got it into his head that I need to take a self defense class, and I actually fell in love with the idea as well. I have heard about Krav Maga lately and it sounds super awesome! I emailed the company that does it here in Lafayette, so we'll see what happens! It would just be nice to know and have a plan for how to respond in certain situations.

So there you have it! My goals for the year. What are you hoping to achieve in 2018? Maybe you are hoping to achieve being a part of Mommy Style Monday??? Haha if so, click this link to sign up!

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Favorite Things Box!

Once a quarter, we do a special Mommy Style Monday where whoever wants to participate sends a seasonal box of our favorites to another mom! It's been really fun this year, and I think we'll continue doing it!

I got an awesome package from Jessica at Mason Jars and Lemon Bars. She really went all out! Nathan is obsessed with the little book, and I immediately opened the Burt's Bees chapstick. I think I might make the hot chocolate tonight! We leave for Utah tomorrow, so we're having our own little family Christmas today, and the hot chocolate seems like the best way to end the night.

When I think of winter, I just think of getting cozy, watching movies, and spending lots of time with family! I think Jessica's box will help me do all of that. I sent a box to Britt from My Little Sunshines, so head over to her blog to see some of my favorites!

If you want to participate in our spring favorites, fill out the form here! Anybody is welcome!

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Mommy Style Monday: Holiday Bucket List

I love the holidays!!

This time of year is just so full of traditions, it's hard not to feel nostalgic and excited all the time - at least for me! And the best part lately is that we can start establishing traditions in our own little family of four. I absolutely love celebrating the holidays with my family back in Utah, but it's also fun to start doing our own thing, even on a small scale!

This Thanksgiving my sister and her husband came to visit us, and we had a blast. We made Thanksgiving dinner together, went to a local candy shop and made candy canes, saw a fun Christmas light display and visited Chriskindlmarkt about an hour away from our house! I love visiting seasonal events around the community. There is usually so much going on, it's fun to be a part of it!

In our own house, I decided to do a little family party on Dec. 1 to welcome the season! We made and frosted sugar cookies, watched A Charlie Brown Christmas, and the babies  (just Nathan haha) opened their Christmas pj's! It was so fun to share the excitement with Nathan. It's the best watching him start to understand what's happening!

While that weekend was jam packed with different events, here are some things still on my list to do before the season ends:

1. See the Live Nativity. There is a church here in our area that puts on a very well done Live Nativity! You can drive through it, or walk. Last year we walked, even though it was extremely cold. They have hot chocolate and cookies inside their building afterward, and it was a really fun thing to go to!

2. Check out Purdue's Christmas tree. They bring in a giant real tree every season and decorate it, and it is a wonder to behold!

3. Go to the lights at Temple Square when we're in Utah. If you've been, this goes without saying, in my opinion haha.

4. Take Nathan sledding. This may also have to wait for Utah! Depends what happens here!

5. Watch all my favorite Christmas movies - Elf, A White Christmas, The Santa Claus, A Christmas Story, etc. (And also watch plenty of cheesy ones that are NOT my favorite, just because they're feel good shows haha)

6. Make an effort to serve others - in my family and outside my family. Focus on the reason for the season!

Basically I just want to do all the holiday things in my path! We'll see how many I actually get to. I mean, if it was just me I would get to all of them, but I do have two small children and a very busy husband ha ha. I think the main thing is, just spending intentional time with my family making memories. It makes the biggest difference in the atmosphere of our home when we are intentional with each other, and the holidays always remind me of that!

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Amelia: A Birth Story

The end of this pregnancy was completely different from the end of my pregnancy with Nathan. With Nathan, I felt no warning signs of labor at all. One day he was firmly inside of me, and the next day I was in labor. This sweet baby girl kept me on my toes! I felt contractions nearly every day since week 35, but especially once I hit 38 weeks. I was having Braxton Hicks all the time, and had just got used to it. It was a little bit frustrating to feel my body prepping, but still have no idea when she was actually going to come. On Oct. 25, I was a few days past 39 weeks, and I'd been having on again/off again contractions for the past three days. I went about my day normally, trying not to think about the impending arrival. Alex had a test that afternoon, and we jokingly had told the baby she could come whenever after the test was over.

I took Nathan to the library that morning for story time. When we left we still had some time before lunch, and Nathan wanted to go to the park and kick a ball. I agreed, since there was nothing else to do, even though it was super cold haha. We drove to the park and kicked a ball back and forth, and I thought, maybe kicking this ball will put me into labor! After a while at the park we went home for lunch. That evening, I had Activity Days (it's my calling at church). When I got there the other leaders joked around that they thought I wouldn't be there that day! I pretended to be find with still being pregnant, and also pretended to not notice the steady contractions I was having.

After putting Nathan to bed, Alex and I settled in to watch a show and just relax. During the show, I realized that my contractions seemed to be pretty close together, so I secretly started timing them. They were roughly 5 minutes apart! I was surprised, because they weren't extremely painful yet, and when I got to that point with Nathan, I was in SO much pain. I told Alex about the frequency, and we decided to wait and see if it kept up for another half an hour. We called our friends who had agreed to come over in the middle of the night and let them know the situation. Half an hour later, the contractions were still coming and I started to get VERY nervous. Was this real? Was it just practice like it had been for the past week? What was happening? This was just such a different feeling from Nathan's labor I wasn't sure what was going on haha. We finally decided to call the hospital and they told us to come over, so we called our friends who came quickly and got all set up for the night to take care of Nathan when he woke up!

I just felt really silly this whole time, because the contractions were very frequent, but not super painful. I was concerned about the frequency because I know that second babies can come a lot faster, but the lack of extreme pain was confusing me. It was definitely very uncomfortable and not fun, but I was handling it fine. We drove to the hospital, and when we checked in the people at the desk were laughing because apparently everyone in the city was giving birth that night. We got checked in to the last available room! At this point I was feeling a lot more silly, because there were all these women in SERIOUS labor, and what if mine was fake and I took up a room someone else needed??

We got settled in to the room, and the nurse checked me and concluded I was at 4cm dilated. So that was good. I was 4cm when I checked in with Nathan too! But then she asked me to rate my pain and all I could say was like, 6? Maybe 7? She seemed skeptical of my presence there, but I could have been projecting my own insecurity onto her haha. She said she would leave me there for a bit and have the doctor on call come in and decide if I should go or stay.


I was definitely in extreme pain, and there had been no sign of the doctor or any nurse since the first nurse left! The contractions were coming one after the other, and I kept thinking for sure the nurse or a doctor would come back any minute. Finally, I just told Alex we needed to call them because I wanted the epidural and they were taking too long. This whole time we could hear other ladies down the hall giving birth, and it was actually kind of crazy! Alex called the nurse and told them I was in a lot of pain and they should come back, so the first nurse finally came back. They got me all set up with the iv, which I just have to say is definitely the worst part of having a baby. They totally messed up the first time and were like, "sorry! We never mess up! We're all really good at doing this!" But you know what? When I had Nathan the SAME thing happened, so I don't believe them. I have a super nasty bruise on my arm from this now.

Anyway, the blessed anesthesiologist came in and did his duty. Pain free, I happily relaxed on the bed and tried to get some sleep. To everyone who chooses to have unmedicated births, I salute you. Frankly, the epidural is my favorite, and I am not ashamed. I got the epidural around 3:00am and after that we just waited! I tried to sleep, but the hospital bed is just the worst, and the blood pressure thing squeezes your arm every 15 minutes, and yeah, I at least got some relaxing in. At about 6am the nurse finally came back (yes, we were left alone for a few more hours. I think this was because they were so busy with all the other women, but it was a stark contrast from when I was in labor with Nathan! They were much more attentive to me.) She checked me and said something like, "There is still a little bit of cervix left, I'm going to get a delivery table ready." And then she left the room very quickly. I was like, "What? What does that mean!?" Like, was I about to have the baby? What was happening? Alex was clueless as well. That was the last time I saw that nurse. I think she must have been very tired.

They got the delivery table set up, and a fresh, not tired nurse came in and happily clarified that I would indeed be having the baby in about an hour, and I should call her if I felt a lot of pressure. The nice thing about the epidural is that I really could feel pressure, but no pain. I did not feel out of control of my body whatsoever. So about an hour later, I was feeling lots of pressure and they came back in and got ready to deliver!

This part is seriously so surreal. It was surreal with Nathan, and it was just as surreal with this baby. After nine long months, you finally get to meet this little person you've been dreaming about!! I pushed for like 10 minutes, and out she came! She was face up, which could have been a big problem, but she was just a tiny little thing, so it didn't cause any issues.

Sweet little Amelia Casey was born at 7:53am on Oct. 26, 2017, weighing 6lb 12oz! We were in awe of how tiny she was. We were also in awe of how loud she was. She wasn't thrilled about the whole ordeal haha. But now she is the most content, happy little thing and we can't imagine life without her. I can't believe I'm a mother to two sweet little spirits, but I love them both so much!! Nathan was so excited to meet her and was so soft and sweet with her. He even said, "I love baby Mia!"

I love my little family of four!

p.s. why does everyone have babies in the middle of the night? Like, no one was giving birth at noon the next day. (I know, because they didn't have enough rooms on the mother/baby floor for me to move into so I had to stay in delivery all day.) Is there a scientific reason for this?? Alex and I were discussing.

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